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What do modern women strive for? The answer is simple - Beauty and Success!
In their pursuit, they use the achievements of fashion designers, cosmetologists and plastic surgeons. But it is important to imagine a happy life without sexual health. Therefore, women's health - is not only care for the body and appearance, but also attentive and careful attitude to the work of internal organs, which depends on the reproductive health, which gives women the greatest happiness - children!

The main causes of infertility are considered to be:

Endocrine disruption causes endocrine infertility, which is manifested by impaired ovulation, oocyte maturation and release, as well as impaired egg penetration into the endometrium. For endocrine (hormonal) infertility, medication therapy is used to eliminate metabolic disorders, as well as a change in lifestyle (healthy eating, active lifestyle, normalization of body weight).

According to WHO statistics, men are most afraid of three things: impotence, prostate cancer and heart attack
Erectile dysfunction or impotence is the inability of a man to achieve and maintain an erection sufficient for sexual satisfaction of the partners. Causes of erectile dysfunction a lot, most of them lead to changes in vascular conditions and abnormal blood supply to the pelvic organs and reduce testosterone production.
Thus, diseases of the heart and blood vessels over time leads to impaired sexual function. The risk becomes even higher when cardiovascular diseases are combined with obesity and metabolic disorders (diabetes mellitus), chronic liver diseases (fatty dystrophy), varicose veins, etc.
"Riders" and off-road tamers: motorcyclists, cyclists and horseback riders, trophy-raiders (the constant jolting leads to micro-traumas in the crotch, which threatens circulatory disorders
Men of "sitting" professions: from programmers to drivers (sitting prevents normal blood circulation in the pelvic organs, leads to obstruction of venous blood outflow, prostate swelling and development of inflammation in it).
Hiking and water sports lovers: swimmers, surfers, paddlers, mountain climbers, long hikers and skiers (prostate problems provoked by frequent or prolonged hypothermia, staying in wet clothes).
chronic stress
Disorderly sexual activity
genetic pathology

endocrinological disorders
Surgical intervention in the reproductive system (abortions)
natural increase in all physiological processes after the age of 35;

Chronic inflammatory diseases of the female reproductive organs;
contributes to
Improvement of blood supply and oxygen saturation of reproductive organs and, as a consequence, increase the quality of erections and the probability of getting pregnant.
Normalization fat and protein metabolism: reducing cholesterol levels, triglycerides and homocysteine in the blood and, as a consequence, improve the condition of blood vessels and the prevention of atherosclerosis.
Restoration and protection of the liver, normalization of liver function with metabolic disorders.

Increase sensitivity of receptors to insulin, which helps to normalize the metabolism of carbohydrates and fats.
Reducing the symptoms of toxicity in the first trimester of pregnancy.
Improve the quality of sperm (increase sperm count, increase concentration and motility of sperm).
Recommended mode of use:
Dilute the contents of the stick or ampoule in 100 ml of water (glass) and take after meals 2-3 times a day.

Adult and Children from 3 years old

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Good afternoon! Can you please tell me what to take Betargin in a complex to support the heart? I used to drink a lot of alcohol and for a long time, now I don't drink for a month. But sometimes some discomfort in the heart area. Nikolay Nikolayevich
Good afternoon! If there are problems with your heart, of course you need a cardiologist to prescribe you a treatment regimen based on your medical examinations. If there are no problems so far, you will benefit significantly from taking Betargin. First, the body will gradually get rid of the effects of alcohol load - liver function will be restored, detoxification will increase. Secondly, Betargin has a positive effect on the condition of blood vessels, helps to lower blood pressure, prevent atherosclerosis, improve heart function.
Hello, I have fatty liver hepatosis and chronic cholecystitis, can I take betargin, and what course in what doses? Igor
Taking Betargin in your case is fully justified. Betaine contained in the drug will help to remove fat from liver cells and restore their normal operation. And Arginine, the second component of Betargin, will help to relax the bile ducts, softer bile secretion. Betargin also has an anti-inflammatory effect, helps to eliminate toxins and improve oxygen supply to the organs. Будьте здоровы!
Hi. I took Betargin 2 ampoules a day for prophylaxis, and then I found out that I was 6 weeks pregnant. Now I am worried whether it will hurt the baby, because the instructions say contraindication for pregnant women. Lyubov
Good afternoon! A recent study has shown the undoubted benefit of using Betargin both before pregnancy (to improve women's reproductive function and pregnancy) and during pregnancy (to reduce toxicosis). To date, the instructions are being amended based on the results of the study. But further advisability of taking Betargin should be determined by your doctor after consultation.
Hi, I am in my second week of Betargyn, I still have 3 days worth of vials left. I found out that I am pregnant. Will it hurt the baby's development? And stop taking the medication? Thank you. Valeria
Good afternoon! No studies on the use of Betargin in pregnant women have been conducted. However, data from international publications suggest the benefits of using arginine to improve reproductive function in men and women. Therefore, an individual doctor's recommendation is necessary.
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