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Diseases of the liver occupy a significant share among the disorders of the digestive system. This is associated with an increase in the amount of alcohol consumed, frequent viral infections, the presence of chronic stress factors, as well as independent and uncontrolled use of various kinds of medicines.
All of the above factors have an extremely unpleasant effect on the function and condition of the liver, so in these cases the intake of hepatoprotectors is recommended. Hepatoprotectors (from Greek Hepatos — liver and Latin Protection — protection) are remedies that improve liver function and normalize its damaged functions.
contributes to:
Inhibition of connective tissue growth in the liver and progression of fibrosis (pathological replacement of normal liver tissue)

Inhibition of oxidative processes and reduction of shocking action of free radicals on liver cells
Dissemination of neutral (excessive) fat from liver cells and reduction of fatty liver disease progression.

Enhancement of detoxification function of the liver (deactivation and excretion of toxins) by increasing the activity of enzyme system
Protection of the liver under the action of toxic factors (viruses, bacteria, toxic products of metabolism, alcohol, acetone, ketone bodies, medications, smoking, etc.)

Stimulation of recovery of damaged liver cells and normalization of liver function
Recommended mode of use:
Dilute the contents of the stick or ampoule in 100 ml of water (glass) and take after meals 2-3 times a day.

Adult and Children from 3 years old

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Good day! How effective is Betargin for fatty hepatitis? Can it be combined with other hepatoprotectors? Anatoly
Good day! Betargin contains a unique component betaine, which other hepatoprotectors do not have. Betaine is able to quickly remove fat from hepatocytes and convert it into a building block for liver cell membranes for their repair, the rest of the fat is removed from the hepatocyte. Betargin has a number of effects in fatty liver disease, but it is Betaine that gives it its distinctive mechanism. That is why the result when using Betargin is already highly appreciated by patients and doctors.
Good afternoon. Can you tell me, please, betargin can be taken with inflammation of the intestine (enterocolitis) with diarrhea? Natalia
Betargin can be taken for the purpose of hepatoprotection, reduction of intoxication and elimination of asthenia.
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