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The liver acts as a filter and cleanses the blood from all kinds of toxins:
products of the life activity of viruses, bacteria, helminthes and products of their decay; toxic products of metabolism of substances, medications, alcohol, acetone and ketone bodies.

Also healthy liver - a solid immunity, so it is especially necessary to maintain during the season of viral and colds, when it is subjected to increased toxic drug (as a result of taking a large number of drugs during treatment) strain.
The liver acts as a filter and cleanses the blood from toxins.
A healthy liver is a strong immune system
Improvement of blood supply to the liver and increase of activity of detoxification enzymes, which accelerates the removal of toxins.
Protection and restoration of damaged liver cells by restoring the integrity of their membranes and removing from them the excess fat

Synthesis of molecules of protein, which bind toxins and accelerate their removal from the body
Activation of energy synthesis and elimination of energy deficit and asthenic syndrome (general weakness, increased fatigue, decreased work capacity and physical activity)
Recommended mode of use:
Dilute the contents of the stick or ampoule in 100 ml of water (glass) and take after meals 2-3 times a day.

Adult and Children from 3 years old

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Good afternoon! Can I take Betargyn for hepatitis C, cirrhosis of the liver and encephalopathy? Irina
Good afternoon! In patients with liver cirrhosis the use of Betargin improves protein-synthetic function, enhances detoxification, improves microcirculation in the liver. But in any case, the scheme of therapy, its duration and doses are determined by the doctor individually.
Good afternoon! I am constantly taking a number of medications, I have even started to feel nausea and pain in the side, and the doctor says it is from taking the medication, but you can not cancel them too, so she prescribed Betargin to support the liver. I'm worried if it will make me feel nauseous too? Victor
Good afternoon! Yes, indeed, there is such a concept as a drug load on the liver, when taking medicines for a long time, the liver has no time to neutralize the decay products of drugs, and soon it can lead to its inflammation. With prolonged liver dysfunction, patients may experience dyspeptic manifestations - nausea, heaviness in the right hypochondrium, etc. Betargin in such cases has several effects at once - due to arginine it restores detoxifying (detoxifying functions of the liver), reduces inflammation, as well as eliminates dyspeptic phenomena due to citrate ions in its composition. Therefore, nausea will soon go away and subcostal pain will also diminish.
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