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Betargyn to pregnant women
Hi, I am taking Betargyn for the second week, I still have 3 more ampoules left. I found out that I am pregnant. Will it hamper the development of the baby? Should I stop taking medications? Thank you. Valerie
Good afternoon, research on the use of Betargyne in pregnant women has not been conducted. However, the data of international publications speak about the usefulness of using arginine for improvement of reproductive function in men and women. That is why an individual doctor's recommendation is necessary.
Good day. I took Betargin 2 ampoules a day for prevention for a month, then I found out I’ve already been pregnant for 6 weeks. I’m worrying now. Will it harm the baby? Because, the instruction prohibits use Betargin by pregnant women.Lyubov
Good afternoon! Recent studies have shown the absolute benefit of using Betargyne both before pregnancy (to improve reproductive function of women and the onset of pregnancy) and during pregnancy (to reduce toxemia). Today, the instructions are being amended due to the results of the study. But the further feasibility of taking Betargyne must be determined by your doctor after consultation. Be well!
Hello! How many times a day to take Betargin for toxicosis? After the first application, I felt relief. The term is 11 weeks. My doctor knows nothing about this drug. Elena
Hello! According to the instructions Betargin can be taken 1 joint / ampoule 2-3 times a day. Toxicosis of pregnant women in the 1st trimester is included in the indications (in the instructions).
Betargyn for children
What is the dose of this preparation for 1,3 year child? Pavlo
At the age of 3 years, the decision on the need for Betargin, daily dosage and duration of administration is determined by the attending physician, taking into account the patient's medical history.
The child is 5.5 years old. The gastroenterologist prescribed Betargyn 0.5 ampoule diluted in 30 ml of water, 2 times a day after meals. The instruction says that the drug is not recommended for children under 12 years of age. Is it necessary to give Betargyn by our doctor's recommendation? Thank you. Marina
Good afternoon! Follow the doctor's orders. Betargyn in 2014 underwent clinical trials in France, which prove its safety and therapeutic efficacy in children from 3 years of age. All new supplies of Betargyn in 2015 will have a new instruction separating the administration of the drug from 3 years of age.
The child (13 years old) is weak, has no appetite, her skin looks bad after long-term antiparasitic treatment. The doctor said that it was after treatment. The pharmacy said that Betargin is the best. Can it be used for children? Anna
Good afternoon! It is better to use proven medicine from a European manufacturer. As for Betargin, the complex of its components promotes detoxification, including after medication.Arginine not only activates the detoxification functions of the liver, but also promotes faster excretion of toxins from the body.It improves saturates the blood with oxygen, restores energy production, citrate-ions help normalize digestion and improve appetite. The unique component betaine "repairs" the membranes of liver. Betargin has been successfully used in pediatrics. It will quickly restore normal liver function.
Hello! The doctor prescribe Betargin for the child. Should it be taken before or after a meal to lower bilirubin? Elena
Good afternoon! According to the instruction, Betargin should be taken after a meal.
Good afternoon! Is it possible to take Betargyn after chemotherapy? The child is 5.5 years old, has completed four courses, but his biochemistry has deteriorated. Oksana
Good afternoon! In your case, we recommend consulting your doctor about the use of Betargyn
What else can dilute Betargyn if the child doesn’t want to drink it with water? Catherine
Good afternoon! Betargyn can be diluted with any liquid
What happens if a 6-year-old child is given undiluted Betargyn? Natalia
Good afternoon. Betargyn has to be diluted to make it easier to take. The taken Betargyn without dilution does not affect your general well-being and feeling of well-being.
Good day. How to give Betargin to children (1,7-year-old)? Sergiy
Good afternoon. Good afternoon. According to the instructions, Betargyn is allowed to be used by children from 3 years old.
Is it possible to give to a child (7 years) a diluted ampoule of betargin in one dose or only 1 teaspoon every 10-15 minutes? Olga
Good afternoon! A 7-year-old child can be given to drink the entire ampoule of Betargin, diluted in half a glass of water. Only if it is an acetonemic syndrome and the child has frequent vomiting, then even half a glass of fluid can cause the urge to vomit, so it is recommended to take little fluid. In other cases, you can take the required amount of solution with Betargin.
The child has diabetes, bilirubin. How does it affect blood sugar ? How is better to take it? Svetlana
Good afternoon! Betargin gives really good results. But in your case, the doctor must recalculate the bread units per day, taking into account the composition of Betargin.
Good afternoon! The child was prescribed Betargin with acetone 4+, drank for two days, last night the test no longer shows acetone, should we continue taking Betargin or should we stop after the loss of acetone? Thank you in advance! Olga
Good afternoon! It is recommended to continue taking Betargin week after the relief of acetonemic syndrome.
Can it be given to a child to prevent recurrences of acetone, and if so, how often and in what doses? Oksana
Good afternoon! The time of recurrence of the acetonemic syndrome is difficult to predict. It’s possible to give to the child 1-2 sachets per day for 1-2 weeks. Bless you!
Hello! The child of 3 years had a seasonal virus, treatment was carried out with antibiotics, as a result, the liver increased.
One ampoule is diluted in 100 ml of room temperature water (half of the glass) and this solution can be taken during the day, divided into 2-3 intakes. 1 ampoule a day is a prophylactic dose. If the liver is enlarged, at the discretion of the doctor, you can take 2 ampoules per day, the scheme of distribution is the same, but the solution do not make immediately from 2 ampoules, and one by one. Be healthy!
My son has Gilbert's syndrome, can he take Betargyn? Olena
Yes. From 3 years of age.
Good evening. Can you please tell me how often Betargin can be given to a 7-year-old child with intensive vomiting? Maria
Good day. One teaspoon every 15 minutes, mixing the contents of the sachet in 100 ml of water beforehand
The child refuses to drink Betargin in pure form (diluted with water). Can I add it to tea or other drinks? Does it have any effect on its effectiveness? My child (4.5 years old) has an enlarged liver after a gut infection, what dose of Betargyn should be taken and for how long? Victoria
Good day, Betargin can be diluted not only with water, tea, or juice will also be good. At the age of 4.5 years, the dose is 2 ampoules / sachet per day, you can drink immediately, or you can do it in parts. Be healthy!
Good afternoon. The child is 7 years old, the acetone has grown, the doctor gave Betargin. How many days should he take it? We have been drinking for two days in the morning and in the evening... Victoria
As a rule, with proper shot therapy for acetoneemic syndrome, improvements in the child's mood and test results should be visible already on the second day. But it is better to continue taking Betargynu during one more week in order to remove the negative effects of the impact of ketone bodies on the body and for the normalization of metabolism processes. Be healthy!
Good afternoon. The child is 3 years old... The results of amino acid analysis showed an increased level of ammonia in the blood. The doctor has recognized Betargyn in ampoules by 1/2 drink for two days. Is it possible to keep the other half of the ampoule (open) for the next day (I take the first half of the ampoule with a syringe)? Thank you. Olena
Good day! An opened Betargyn ampoule keeps 100% of its efficacy during one day. Keep Betargyne at room temperature, but not higher than 25°C. Be well
Good afternoon. Please tell me whether it is possible for a 3-year-old child to take Betargyne at one time? Thank you. Olena
You can do it, but if it was prescribed in case of AS, the acetone may go down during the day - you have to drink two times a day, in the morning and in the evening. Be healthy!
Good day! Is it possible to give betargyne if there is vomiting but no acetone. Is it only given for acetone? Andriana
Good day! Betargyn can be taken as it also has hepatoprotective and detoxifying properties, and not only reduces acetone.
How does betargyne work in acetonemic syndrome? What are the processes it affects? Alina
-Good afternoon, Betargyn has a great effect in acetoneemic syndrome: both on the process of ketone bodies' formation and their utilization, removal from the body, as well as on the elimination of the consequences of the acidic effect of acetone and on the further normalization of metabolism processes. If you want to know more detailed information, read the article "Betargyne in complex treatment of acetonemic syndrome in children".
Good day! My 7-year-old child has type 1 diabetes and partial acetonemic syndrome on the background of low blood glucose. We took two ampoules of Betargyn per day for 7 days, as prescribed by the doctor. The acetone is going on during the day. Blood cholesterol dropped drastically in the course of the drug intake up to the full withdrawal of insulin therapy. The effect lasted for 2 months after the drug intake was stopped. Can betargyne lower the blood sugar level? Our endocrinologist could not give an answer since she has recently taken this drug and does not know how it affects the glucose level. Is it possible to take Betargyne for prevention of acetone withdrawal syndrome? I would like to prevent it, but not to the hospital under the dropper... Julia
Good afternoon! There are international studies, presented in scientific medical resources, on the ability of arginine, a component of Betargyne, to increase insulin secretion and sensitivity of peripheral tissues to insulin. The other component of Betargin, betaine, helps to reduce insulin resistance, as well as to increase the production of adiponectin, which reduces the production of glucose. Due to these mechanisms, the patient may be experiencing the above effects. In case of acetonemic syndrome, Betargin promotes rapid inactivation and removal of ketone bodies from the body, detoxification, improved supply of all tissues with acid, production of energy molecules and renewal of metabolism processes. Prophylaxis of acetonemic syndrome does not guarantee its appearance, as a number of factors influence it. But at the first signs of it is necessary to begin quickly and REGULARLY during the day to feed the child (even a few times at night) and thus do not allow the process to intensify and immediately reduce intoxication. Be well!
Good day! The child refuses to drink the solution in water, how can I add betargyne to her food? Hannah
Good day! If the child refuses to drink Betargyn diluted in water, you can dilute it in a drink that the child is happy to drink, Betargyn does not change its taste, it can be compote, dried fruit decoction or herbal tea. Do not mix it with solid food. Be healthy!
How many days and how many sachets of the drug can be given to a 3.2-year-old child with acetone poisoning? What is the scheme of prophylactic treatment for adults? Hannah
Good day! With acetoneemic syndrome, 2 sachets per day are administered (now there is a special handy form of Betargyne for children with 5 sachets in a package in the market). How to dilute and administer to children is described in the instructions. The main thing is to give it regularly for at least 3 days! This will help relieve the symptoms of AS in a short time. Then you should take it for another 5 days, maybe 2 times a day, if the child can drink half of the bottle at once. If it is important to drink immediately, you can give liquids, as in the first day. This scheme will not only remove symptoms (nausea, vomiting, headache, weakness), but also competently eliminate the effects of AS - disruption of metabolic processes in the body. For prophylactic purpose can be given, but not a guarantee of absence of AS, but with the aim of improving metabolism, liver function, during the period of overexertion or during the period of detoxification after viral diseases or treatment with antibiotics. During these periods, the probability of AS development is simply higher and it will be justified. Scheme: 2 sachets per day for 10 days. Be healthy!
The child is 2.5 years old, was infected with a viral infection, took a lot of antipyretic nurofen, ibuprofen, the stool was white one day. Can I give 1 amp of Betargyn to my child? Katerina
Good day! You can give Betargyn, as it contributes to the renewal of liver function, especially after overloading, as well as assists in the rapid removal of toxins that have accumulated. Betargyn also recognized after the disease for faster recovery and the removal of the asthenic syndrome. Be well!
If a child (7.5 years old) doesn't vomit, the test for acetone showed a trace, the smell of acetone from the mouth, is it possible to give a diluted ampoule at a time, or is it necessary? Tanya
Good day! In case of the above mentioned symptoms, shotgun therapy with Betargyn is recommended. Be well!
The child's acetone increases due to a viral infection, increases rapidly and goes up to the court, should Betargyne be taken only when acetone is detected or somehow and in the form of prevention? Victoria
Good afternoon, it is recommended to take Betargyne when acetoneemic syndrome develops or when symptoms that are responsible for the acetoneemic crisis appear. Since you are well aware of and associate the increase in acetone with viral infections and elevated body temperature, you can start taking it without waiting for symptoms to appear. Be healthy!
An 11-year-old child has a diagnosis of liver cirrhosis (class A) compensated as a result of primary sclerosing cholangitis. Will the use of Betargyn together with Ursofalk and Legalon? Irina
Good day! Don't worry, the above mentioned medications have different composition and different spectrum of action. Be healthy!
Hello, my child has gastrointestinal dyskinesia and a slight inflammation of the liver, we were prescribed galsten, glucose with food plus decoction of cornflakes and magnesium B6, I found out about betargyn, whether it can be added to the treatment??? If so, how should I take it? My child is 5.5 years old... Anna
Good day! In this case, Betargyn has hepatoprotective, deintoxicating and prothyvoasthenic effect, it improves the process of poisoning. It is recommended to take 1 tablet/ammule 2 times a day after meals. Be well! !
Good afternoon. The child was 4 years old and had a cystic ulcer. We did an ultrasound and found that her liver was enlarged and there is gastric stasis! Is the treatment with Betargyn still working? The doctor has discontinued all medications until the cancer is over! I read that it eliminates toxins for free, right? And how long do I have to take it? Thank you! Inna
Good afternoon. Betargyne has a marked detoxifying effect and can be indicated for the above described pathology. But it is recommended to follow the medication instructions, as the doctor personally observes the child and chooses the treatment according to his condition and the presence of his symptoms.
Good day! My child is 4 years old, we started to take Betargyn, we took it for 2 days and the child started to urinate in pink, what can it be, a reaction to the drug? And can you take Betargyn in a cold? Lillia
Good day! You can take Betargyn in case of a cold, as it helps to eliminate intoxication and asthenia
Good day. Is it possible for a 2.8-year-old child to drink one drink at a time instead of every 10-15 days? With acetone and with a cold. And whether it does not affect the liver? Tetyana
Good day! If your child can physically drink 100 ml of liquid, of course you can. On the liver does not "affect", as well as has a marked hepatoprotective, detoxifying and protivoasthenic effect. Be healthy!
Good afternoon. Is it possible to take Arginine for a child suffering from Celiac Disease? As Arginine itself is one of the amino acids of gluten? Alla
Good afternoon. Arginine is a partially substituted amino acid, it is only one of the components of gluten. In adults and healthy people arginine is produced by the body in sufficient quantities, so the probability of allergies to it is reduced to almost zero.
Can you please advise me? My 2.5 year old child was prescribed Betargyn, during the whole month I notice that the child began to sweat a lot. Can you tell me what is the reason? Hannah
Good day! Taking Betargyn activates the detoxification system, maybe the child sweats and this way gets rid of toxins.
Good night! My 2.3-year-old child had acetone 1.5 for nine days, glucose, regidron with Humana, betargyn. How many days can I drink this medicine? Thank you!
Hi there! Betargyn is recommended from the age of 3 years for a duration of 5-7 days for acetonemic syndrome. According to the doctor's recommendation and the condition of the child, the duration of treatment may vary. If the child does not get better within 5 days, it is recommended to consult a therapist.
Betargyn for prophylaxis
Hi, could you please tell me? Is it possible to use it for prophylaxis, to remove toxins and support the liver? Tanya
If you do not have liver problems, take Betargyne for prophylactic treatment for two or three sachets/amplines per day for two months.
I took a course of Betargyn for prophylaxis. After the course of Betargyn I noticed a decrease in my body weight. Does Betargyn affect Body weight? Maria
First, betaine promotes utilization and removal of excess fat from liver cells, normalization of fat metabolism. Secondly, arginine improves microcirculation and reduces stagnant phenomena that interfere with fluid retardation, flabbiness and, accordingly, the increase in body weight due to this cause.
Good afternoon. Please advise. What is the right course of treatment for prophylaxis of the liver? Ecology, nutrition... I want to support the liver and other organs. Thank you. Ynga
Good afternoon. The course of treatment is from 2 to 4 months (1 month) with 1 tablet/amplule 2 times a day.
Betargyn for slimming
ДGood day, the doctors diagnosed steatohepatitis. They admitted taking Betargyn for 3 months, 1 ampoule 2-3 times. I have already taken it for 2 months. During this time I lost 7 kg (-10% of weight before the beginning of betargyne intake). Does Betargyne help to lose weight? Thank you for the reply. Oleg
Good day! Betargyne contributes to the regulation of fat metabolism and the processes of wasting, and if the patient additionally keeps to the diet, indeed, taking the drug contributes to a decrease in weight, Because in the process of intake liver functions increase, neutral fat is utilized, as well as metabolism processes increase. Be healthy!
Good day. Is it possible to lose weight with the help of the drug? Irina
Good day. Betargyne helps to normalize protein metabolism, but it does not have a direct effect on weight loss.
Betargyne with other medicines
Is it possible to take Betargyn with Biseptol? How can I keep Betargyne opened, at what temperature? Victoria
Good day! Betargyn can be taken with Biseptol, but a break between the applications is recommended. Opened Betargyn can be stored at room temperature not higher than 25°C.
I am constantly taking a number of medicines, I have already started to feel nausea and pain in the side, and the doctor says it is due to take medicines, but you can't stop them either, so she prescribed Betargyn to support the liver. I am worried. Victor
Indeed, there is such a notion as medication pressure on the liver, when continuous use of medications does not allow the liver to absorb the products of drug degradation, and sometimes it can lead to its inflammation. If liver function is disrupted for a long time, patients may feel dyspeptic manifestations - nausea, heaviness in the right hypodermis, etc. Betargin in such cases provides several effects at once - due to arginine it renews the external function (detoxification functions of the liver), reduces fever, as well as relieves dyspeptic phenomena due to citrate ions included in its composition. Therefore, nausea will pass without delay and pain in the piedmont will also decrease.
Good day! Please tell me. Is it possible to use Betargyn and Cholosas at the same time? Olga
You can take Betargyn and Cholosas at the same time, but you should be aware of the pronounced gastrointestinal action of Cholosas and take into careful consideration when it is taken.
Good afternoon. The instructions for Betargyn on your website do not contain information on the interaction of the drug with other medicines. Please advise. Can I take Betargyn in parallel with antibiotics? My child started otitis, and his doctor gave me Cefodox. Should I continue taking Betargyn, or interrupt it for an hour with an antibiotic? Olena
Good afternoon, Betargyn can be taken together with other medicines, it is often recommended to patients in parallel with a course of antibiotics to reduce the toxic burden on the body. Also, Betargin is recognized during the period after the disease, as it contributes to a faster recovery and strengthening of the immune system. Be healthy!
Is it possible to combine betargyne and metronidazole? Julia
Good day! Combination with metronidazole is allowed. Betargyne will have a protective effect on the liver. It is necessary to control the simultaneous association of metronidazole with other medications Be well!
Good day! Can I take Betargyn and Glutargyn at the same time? Oleksandra
You can, but there is no need for it. The dose of arginine in Betargyne is higher, in addition it also contains betaine to improve the state of liver cells and citrate ions to improve poisoning.
Good day! We were prescribed betargin and glucose 40% to be mixed in water, please tell me. How do I use them? Thank you. Tetyana
Good afternoon! The order of admission does not matter. Be healthy!
Good afternoon. Is it possible to take phlebodia and Betargyne in parallel? Svitlana
Good afternoon. The one-time use of Phlebodia and Betargyne has not been studied, but due to the mechanism of action they can be used in parallel and increase the result. It is necessary to make an interval between intakes of both products.
Good day! The results showed cholecystitis. Betargyn and ursofalk were prescribed. Is it possible to use these two medications at the same time? Olena
Good day, it is possible, as Ursofalk will improve rheology (properties) of the urine, make it less taut and dense, and arginine in Betargyn promotes loosening of the gastric ducts and easier discharge of the urine. Both drugs do not have pronounced gastric action, which would be undesirable in this case. Be well!
Good day, gastroenterologist prescribed Betargyn, the next day I caught a cold. Can I take it during colds (together with antiviral medications)? Sergei
When you have a cold you can and should add Betargyn to your treatment regimen, as it will help to eliminate intoxication that accompanies all colds, it will also increase the production of energy molecules and accelerate the period of cooling. Arginine ability to activate the immune system of the body and to strengthen its protective functions, which is very important for any cold-related diseases, has also been proven for a long time. Be healthy!
Is it possible to use Bertargyn while taking antibiotics for tuberculosis treatment? Thank you for your feedback! Natalia
Good afternoon! The liver is subjected to significant toxic stress with the administration of any antibiotic. Antituberculosis medications are some of the most toxic, so their prolonged use significantly damages liver cells, leads to their inflammation, impairs liver function, and in the future leads to the death of hepatocytes. Taking Betargin promotes rapid renewal of biochemical parameters of the liver, enhances detoxification of the entire body, normalizes all kinds of metabolism, contributes to the additional production of energy. Due to arginine there is an improvement of microcirculation and supply of tissues with acid, which will be an additional advantage in your situation.
Hi, I am taking Betargyn in the complex with Heptor, Hophytol, Berlithione, Legalon, my stomach began to hurt a lot. Please tell me. Is it possible to drink No-Shpa or Omez ? Olga
Good day. You should consult your physician about the intake of the mentioned medications. It is recommended to take Betargyn with an interval between the intake of medicines.
Good afternoon, can Betargyn cause such a side effect as a strong twisting of the legs (like on the weather)? P.s for two days, I started a course of recovery of various medicines and trying to find out which ones gave me this side effect. Thank you. Galina
Good afternoon, Betargyn does not affect the electrolyte-mineral metabolism, which can cause the symptoms you described.
The endocrinologist for support of the liver admitted betargyne+glutargyne ampoule mixed in 1/2 tbsp water, drink 2 times/day for 5 days. Is it right? Irina
Good day! The liver suffers in thyroid diseases, as fat metabolism is disturbed and they start to accumulate in excessive quantities in the liver. Therefore, using Betargin is justified, it improves microcirculation in the liver, contributes to the removal of counter fat from liver cells and renews damaged liver cells. Simultaneous use of Betargyn and glutargyn has not been studied, therefore it is recommended to ask a physician about the appropriateness of such use.
Good afternoon. Is it efficient to take allochol and betargyn at the same time in case of stagnation and increased cholelithiasis? Irina
Good afternoon. Such a combination can be effective, since the medications have different mechanisms of action. Allochol is a gastrointestinal drug, and Betargyn improves the composition of gastric fluid, changes its density and has a pronounced hepatoprotective effect.
Good day! What if I take calcium gluconate (or other medicines) during the meal and take Betargyne immediately afterwards? Are these medicines combined? If not, what should be the interval? Can I take Betargyn not after eating, but in intervals? Oksana
Good day! Betargyne can be taken after calcium gluconate (for other drugs I can not say, because you need to know which drugs). It is recommended to take Betargyn after eating, because it has the power to increase poisoning, it is not prohibited to take it between meals.
Good day! Can I take Betargyn in case of gastric stasis and 8 mm stones in the gastric stasis? At the same time I also take Ursofalk 3 capsules per day (already a week) strong intoxication does not pass, but after betargyne the improvement immediately. Angela
Good day! Betargyn does not affect the quick function of the gastrointestinal tract, but during the acute period of cholelithiasis it is recommended to be against it.
Betargyne in intoxication
I already changed my husband's mind that it's better to stop the hangover syndrome with Betargyn. But he also remembered this and refuses to take it before drinking, saying that he wants to transfer cognac for free. Tell me, can I dilute Betargyn in juice, so he does not notice? Irina
You can dilute Betargyne in juice, 2 ampoules in half a glass. This will help to relieve the symptoms of alcohol intoxication and reduce the adverse effects of alcohol on the liver.
Is it necessary to drink betargyne before alcohol or after? And how many ampoules, so that to be like a fireball from the beginning. Gregory
Good afternoon! If you take Betargyn before drinking alcohol, it will significantly reduce the withdrawal syndrome, reduce the toxic load on the body and protect the liver from its harmful effects. It is necessary to take 2 ampoules dissolved in a glass of water, before the evening. If Betargyne was not taken before the banquet, you can do it after in the same dose - 2 ampoules per 1 bottle of water. If the withdrawal syndrome is significant - may be a signal of impaired liver function, in this case it is recommended to take Betargyn 1 ampoule diluted in half a glass of water, 3 times a day for 2-3 days, to neutralize and withdraw from the body all nasty products of alcohol degradation.
I drank a lot of alcohol in the evening and ate a lot of junk food, I decided to go on a diet for a month, give up alcohol and take Betargyn for prophylaxis. How long and how many times a day to take Betargyne for prophylactic purposes? Maxim
If there are no problems with the liver, take Betargyne for two or three ampoules a day for prophylactic purposes.
After taking alcohol, the next day after noon I have an arrhythmia in my heart, which disappears in a day. Will betargyn help to avoid these attacks? Sergei
Good day! Arrhythmia can also appear because of intoxication, in this case taking Betargyn before and after the party will help to avoid such inconveniences. However, arrhythmia may appear due to other, more serious reasons, and alcohol only intensifies its manifestations. Consult a cardiologist so as not to miss the problem.
What is the right way to take the drug before or after the holiday? Andriy
Good afternoon! If you take Betargyn before drinking alcohol, it will significantly reduce the withdrawal syndrome, reduce the toxic load on the body and protect the liver from its harmful effects. It is necessary to take 2 sachets / ampoules, separated in half a glass of water, before the evening meal. If Betargyn was not taken before the banquet, you can do it after in the same dose - 2 sachets / ampoules for 1/2 flask of water. If the withdrawal syndrome is significant - can be a signal of impaired liver function, in this case it is recommended to take Betargyn 1 sachet / ampoule, diluted in half a glass of water, 3 times a day for 2-3 days to neutralize and withdraw from the body all the nasty products of alcohol degradation.
Good afternoon. Is Betargyn effective in cases of narcotic intoxication, as a local drug for relieving symptoms and preventing unpleasant consequences for the body? Roman
Good day! Betargyn exhibits a complex of detoxifying properties of a general nature, which can be useful in case of any toxic strain of the body. If you have been exposed to a particular drug object, a physician should be consulted. Be healthy!
Betargyne in other diseases
Good afternoon, is it possible to take Betargyn in case of increased acidity and liver disease? Thank you! Nina Mykolaivna
Good day! You can take Betargyn in case of increased acidity and liver. But it is not a drug for decreasing acidity - there are other groups of preparations for this purpose. What are included in the composition of Betargin citrate-ions contribute to improvement of poisoning in various kinds of dyspeptic conditions, flatulence, feeling of importance in the stomach. However, it is necessary to necessarily consult a physician, since the causes of the liver are different and therefore a competent medical consultation is necessary.
Good afternoon, could you please tell me? What can I take Betargyn with in the complex in order to protect my heart? I have been drinking alcohol a lot and for a long time, now I have not been drinking for a month. But sometimes I feel some discomfort in the heart area, but tests showed that everything is kind of good. Mykola Mykolayovych
If you have problems with your heart, you should have your cardiologist prescribe a treatment regimen based on your examinations. If you do not have any problems yet, you will benefit greatly from taking Betargyne. Firstly, the organism will gradually recover from the consequences of alcoholic strain - liver function will renew, detoxification will be strengthened. Otherwise, Betargyn has a positive effect on the joints, reduces arterial blood pressure, prevents atherosclerosis, and improves heart function.
Can Betargyn be taken as just a tonic in case of permanent powerlessness? And how do I take it? Can I take Betargyn if my arterial pressure is low? Thank you. Marina
Good day! Insanely, as a drug that contributes to the production of energy, which enhances blood flow and provision of tissues with oxygen, everyone can take Betargyn 3 times a day for 2 years, but sometimes this may not be enough. Because chronic tiredness often occurs as a result of various diseases, and at first it would be right to contact a doctor to determine the cause of the loss of strength, it can be a problem with the thyroid gland, liver disease, etc. In such cases, a comprehensive approach to solving the problem is necessary. Prolonged use of Betargyn may cause a slight decrease in blood pressure. Since arginine, which is part of the composition of Betargyne, contributes to loosening of the joints. Therefore, if your blood pressure is too low, you should consult your physician first or choose another drug.
Hi, I have allergies, can I take Betargyn? Tanya
Good afternoon! There is an indication against any drug for personal intolerance. You can take one ampoule and, having made sure you have no allergies, continue taking it.
Good afternoon. Could you please tell me? Can Betargyne be taken in case of intestinal inflammation (enterocolitis) with diarrhea? Natalia
Good afternoon, Betargyn can be taken for the purpose of hepatoprotection, reduction of intoxication and elimination of asthenia. Be well!
Good afternoon, Betargyn is very sour. Can I take it in case of pancreatitis and gastritis? Irina
Good day! It is possible, it is recommended to take it after taking food
Good afternoon. Is it possible to take Betargyn with elevated sulfuric acid? Svitlana
Good afternoon. The effect of Betargyne on the level of uric acid has not been studied, but according to the biochemical mechanism none of the components of Betargyne affects the synthesis or excretion of uric acid.
Good day! After taking antibiotics, there was a brown plaque on the jaw. The doctor prescribed Betargyn to renew the liver. 1 ampoule a day. Can you tell me if this is enough or to increase it to two? Thank you! Dinan
It is better, of course, to take two ampoules of Betargyn or sachet per day, it will help the body to get rid of toxic metabolites after taking antibiotics more quickly.
How often does the drug decrease the arterial blood pressure and by how many mm Hg? Hannah
Hello! Betargyn due to the fact that it goes to the composition of arginine can contribute to a slight decrease in arterial blood pressure, hypotonics do not feel it practically, but with increased AP, taking Betargyn can positively influence the feeling of well-being. In all patients, the effect on arterial blood pressure is individual. If medications that lower arterial blood pressure are taken at the same time, the decrease may be more pronounced. Betargyn is not a blood pressure lowering drug, so it can also be taken by people who do not need to lower blood pressure. Its effect is to relax the joints. Be healthy!
Good afternoon, I started taking Betargyn on the recommendation of my cosmetologist (acne problem, rosacea). But after taking it I got pain in my right backbone. As far as I know the liver does not hurt, it means gastrointestinal. He had not been sick before that. I feel this pain after every intake. I have been taking it for the second day. Is it normal? May it be a complication due to the treatment? There are no stones in the liver, slight stasis is always present on ultrasound. In general, gastroenterologists always wrote me cholecystitis, pancreatitis. Thank you very much for your feedback! Olena
Good afternoon! Taking Betargyn causes loosening of the gastric ducts and improves gastric flow. If an ultrasound examination revealed an occlusive phenomenon in the gastrointestinal tract, the sensations in the right sternum can be explained by an increased gastric flow. Betargyn does not have a direct gastrointestinal effect. After the holidays a lot of people experience increased pressure on the gastrointestinal tract, that is why chronic conditions are not excluded. It is better to consult a gastroenterologist and continue taking this drug. Be healthy!
Good afternoon, please tell me. How effective will Betargyn be when diagnosed with pyelonephritis? Andrew
Good day! Betargyn is not a first-line drug in the treatment regimen of pyelonephritis, but it has a pronounced detoxifying and prothyvoasthenic effect, regulates the joint tone and improves the endothelium. All the above mentioned effects of Betargyn contribute to improvement of general state and acceleration of recovery. Be well!
Good afternoon. Can you tell me what is the dose of Betargyne for liver protection during antituberculosis therapy? And is one Betargyn enough? Svitlana
Good day! It is recommended to take Betargyn as a hepatoprotector 1 ampoule/mesh 3 times a day. For other drugs, consult your physician. Be well!
Good afternoon. My mother has cancer of the stomach, which turned into plumpness on the ovaries. After the first course of chemotherapy the doctor prescribed betargyne. I have great doubts whether I can take it? Thank you in advance. Olga
Good afternoon. Betargyn can be taken as due to the complex action of the components, Betargyn has a marked detoxifying and hepatoprotective effect, which is very important for patients undergoing chemotherapy. Also, Betargin relieves asthenic syndrome (general weakness, increased vomiting) and improves microcirculation.
I read that Betargin helps the blood vessels, heart or head, right? Thank you for your opinion. Natalya
Good day! Betargyn improves the condition of all arteries, including those of the brain, thus contributing to the improvement of cerebral blood flow and reduction of hypoxia. Also normalizes fat metabolism, reduces the level of cholesterol and triglycerides, which contributes to the prevention of atherosclerosis. After taking alcohol it increases detoxification function of the liver, enhances the removal of alcoholic toxins and improves self-confidence. Betargyne can be taken after alcohol intake to reduce manifestations of intoxication or before alcohol intake to prevent the onset of symptoms.
Good afternoon, I was in crisis after dolarene. The doctor gave me two ampoules of Betargyn a day for two months. In about a week I feel almost better, and I stop taking it, then everything comes back. And so I have already, probably, taken it 3 times, threw it away. But after reading your response to the question, I realized that it is not too long and can be taken for a month, not just for 2 months. Can I take it for another month, taking into account that I drank three times and gave up? I had interruptions of about 3-4 days. Also, I took Valavir for three months, does it play a role? Katerina
Good day! Betargyn can be taken from 1 month to 3 months without interruption, in case of intoxications of different genesis - recommended course of intake - 1 month. The interaction with Valavir has not been studied, it is recommended to pause for an hour while taking it (to combine the hours of intake of these medicines).
Good afternoon. Is it possible to take Betargyn while taking chemotherapy tablets? At the moment I am taking Glutargyn, the gastrointestinal tract and part of the liver are gone, thank you. Tetyana
Good afternoon. It is possible, in this situation, Betargyn promotes renewal and protection of liver cells, enhancement of removal of toxic substances from the body and synthesis of energy and elimination of symptoms of weakness.
Good afternoon. Can you please tell me whether it is possible to take Betargyn with low blood pressure in order to normalize it? (I overdosed on magnesium and potassium, so the blood pressure has fallen, the tone of the joints has fallen). And tell me whether it is necessary to drink it after eating for normalization of the tick or it does not matter? Olesya
Good afternoon. Betargyne does not have a direct action to increase blood pressure, it simply contributes to the improvement of microcirculation in the entire body, as well as to the improvement of the state and function of the joints. It is recommended to take Betargyn after eating
Betargyn in liver diseases
My husband has hepatitis C genotype 3, the doctor said that before the main treatment he needs a hepatoprotector and wrote a whole list to choose from. Now I choose. How did Betargyn prove to be good for patients with hepatitis C? Angela
It is known that in patients with hepatitis the course of the disease leads to complications, in particular, fibrosis of liver tissue. The medicine Betargin reduces inflammatory processes in the liver, reduces the severity of fibrosis in hepatitis. Several studies have demonstrated the ability of Betargin to reduce collagen deposition in liver cells, improve microcirculation and supply of hepatitis acid, these properties of the medicine are very important in hepatitis. Moreover, in genotype 3 liver cells accumulate an increased amount of fat, which makes it difficult to carry out effective antiviral therapy, and Betargin has a special ability to eliminate excess fat from liver cells, which distinguishes it from all other hepatoprotectors. Due to these effects the use of Betargyn in genotype 3 hepatitis C is justified for many reasons.
I took Betargyn for 2 months, 3 times a day. AST, ALT, GGT have increased several times, bilirubin has fallen three times. What could be the reason? What can I do? I have a suspicion of Hapatitis C! Thank you! Sergei
If you are suspected of having hepatitis C virus, your doctor will recommend that you have an examination first, and only then will he prescribe therapy. If the virus is present in the body, its activity may increase, and in this case the biochemical indicators may increase. In each individual case the doctor determines the appropriate period of time for prescribing a hepatoprotector in order to maximize the effect of therapy.
Is it possible to use Betargyn after the surgery to remove the gastrointestinal muscle? Igor
You can. If your doctor has prescribed Betargyn in this situation, there are probably some liver malfunctions that need to be treated.
How effective is Betargyn in fatty hepatitis? Can it be combined with other hepatoprotectors? Anatoly
Good day! Betargyn contains in its composition a unique component Betaine, which is not present in other hepatoprotectors. Betaїn is able to quickly pick up fat from hepatocytes and recycle it into a building component for the shells of liver cells for their renewal, the fat is withdrawn from the hepatocyte. Betargin has a whole range of effects in fatty liver disease, but its remarkable mechanism is provided by Betaine itself. That is why the result of using Betargin is highly appreciated already by patients and physicians.
Good afternoon. Does Betargyn dilutes bile? Is it indicated in congestion in the gall bladder? Olena
Good day! Betargyn helps to relax the bile ducts, regulate blood flow and improve the flow of liquids in the case of stagnant gastric micturition.
Is it possible to take Betargyn for a 46-year-old man after removal of the gallbladder (2 years ago)? He feels fine, nothing is bothering him. Nadiya
Good afternoon, Betargyn can be taken by patients who have had their gall bladder removed.
Good day, can Betargyn help with chronic Hepatitis B? Olga
Good afternoon. Betargyn does not have antiviral action, but it helps restore liver cells and normalize their work. .
Good day. I want to take Betargyn further for the treatment of fatty infiltration. The question about the dosage. Should I increase the dosage up to 2 ampoules a day and what is the duration of treatment? Igor Pshenichny
Good day. To reduce fatty liver dystrophy, Betargyn can be taken in 2 ampoules a day for 1 month, after which the control should be done.
Good evening. I am 54 years old. I suffer from very high cholesterol of 8.4. How much can Betargyn help me? Though many doctors did not recommend me this medicine. Julia
Good afternoon, Betargyn certainly helps to decrease cholesterol level when taken with long duration of use, but this is not the main action of Betargyn. In your case, it is necessary to adhere to the doctor's recommendations and to increase the effect of any medicine it is necessary to adhere to dietary recommendations.
Good afternoon! I am currently undergoing antiviral therapy against hepatitis C (for 4 months already). I was recommended to take Betargyn to improve the condition of the liver and to remove toxins from the therapy. I know that Betargyn has a good effect on the work of hepatocytes. But this is an important question: whether it does not affect the activation of hepatitis C virus? Oleksandr
Good aftermoon! Betargin does not affect the activation of viruses, including hepatits C. However, many studies have shown that L-arginine (one of the active components of Betargyn) can improve immune function in various groups of patients.
Good aftermoon! Is it possible to take Betargyn for hepatitis C, cirrhosis of the liver, and encephalopathy? Irina
Good afternoon! In patients with liver cirrhosis the use of Betargyn contributes to improvement of protein-synthetic function, increased detoxification, improvement of microcirculation in the liver. But in any case the complete therapy scheme, its duration and doses are determined by the doctor individually.
Is it possible to use it for hepatitis C? Can it influence the liver function in this disease? In what doses can it be used with this disease? Oleksandra
Good morning! It is known that in patients with hepatitis C the continuation of the disease leads to complications, in particular to fibrosis of the liver tissue. The medicine Betargin reduces inflammatory processes in the liver, reducing the severity of fibrosis in hepatitis. Several studies have demonstrated the ability of Betargin to reduce collagen deposition in liver cells, improve microcirculation and supply of acid to hepatocytes, as well as reduce toxic effects on the body of the taken medications, these properties of the drug are very important in hepatitis. Patients with hepatitis C who take Betargyn rapidly normalize their biorhythmia parameters (decrease cytolytic syndrome). However, the medicine for the liver is prescribed only bi your attending physician individually, be sure to consult with your doctor before taking it!
Good afternoon! My husband has hepatitis C. He took some tests yesterday in order to start antiviral therapy. The results showed that his bilirubin was increased. Can Betargyn affect the normalization of bilirubin. Oleksandra
Good day! Betargyn contributes to very fast decrease of bilirubin level, which is confirmed by practical experience and scientific research data. The speed of normalization of this indicator is individual for each patient and depends on many factors. We wish you the best of luck!
Good day, I have fatty liver hepatosis and chronic cholecystitis, how can I take Betargyn, and what course in what doses? Igor
Good day! Taking Betargyn in your case is fully justified. Betaine, which is part of the medicine, promotes fat removal from liver cells and restores their normal operation. And Arginine, the other component of Betargyn, contributes to relaxing of bile ducts, softer bile secretion. Betargyn also has anti-inflammatory effect, contributes to the removal of toxins and improvement of oxygen supply to the organs. Be healthy!
Is it possible to take Betargyn after surgery to remove stones from the bile ducts (dilated duct) and if the gallbladder is not removed (82 years old)? Natalia
Good afternoon! Taking Betargyn will ensure relaxation of the bile ducts and outflow of bile without a choleretic effect. In addition, the medicine contributes to increased energy and strength, which is very important in the period of exhaustion, especially for the summer patients. Be healthy!
Good afternoon, a doctor prescribed Betargyn for gall bladder problems the doctor also recommended to combine the intake of Betargyn with a factional nutrition. Is it so important to follow the diet? And how long must the treatment last? Strangely interested in the pharmacy, how not to run into a fake in pharmacies. Thank you! Marina
Good afternoon! Fractional nutrition is a must, because eating small portions will not only help to improve the situation temporarily, but also prevent a number of problems with poisoning in the future. This is an international recommendation of nutritionists. The duration of treatment is determined by the doctor based on ultrasound data, when the sludge clears up. As for the selection - up to now no adulterated Betargyn has been registered in Ukraine. Insanely, if you were asked to replace it in a pharmacy - then it is the responsibility of other manufacturers. Be well!
How effective is the medicine when taken as a supportive therapy for liver fibrosis with hepatitis C? Irina
Good day! In case of Fibrosis, Betargin works due to both components - arginine and betaine. Arginine strengthens blood supply and oxygenation of the liver, reduces collagen formation around the veins in the liver, thus reducing the level of fibrosis. Betaine acts on Kupffer's cells in the liver, reduces the process of inflammation, and, accordingly, stops fibrosis. Betaine also contributes to the removal of fat from liver cells and renovation of damaged membranes of hepatocytes, which is especially important in hepatitis C genotype 3.
My son (20 years old) has Kriegler-Nayyar syndrome. Bilirubin is up to 140. A doctor has prescribed a 6-month course of Betargyn. 3 sachets a day. Isn't this course three times as long? In our situation, Betargyn works well (tests are almost normal). But the patient requires constant daily intake of drugs... The situation of duration of intake is alarming. Natalia
Good afternoon, you can ask your physician about taking intermittent courses of Betargyn, i.e. after normalization of the indicators, maybe the doctor will consider it possible to reduce the dose to 2 sachets per day, and after 3 months of intake to take a break for 1 month - this scheme is often practiced by practitioners. But in your case, insanely, the regimen can be approved only by a physician. Betargyn is a highly safe medicine for continuous use, but since this disease requires constant monitoring and treatment, you can talk to your doctor about interruptions in therapy with Betargyn. Be well!
Good afternoon, is it possible to use Betargyn if I have stones in my gall bladder that do not tune out? And how can I use it as a lifesaver when drinking alcohol? Natalia
For prevention and elimination of alcoholic impairment take Betargyn as follows - 2 ampoules or Dissolve in half a glass of water and drink before taking alcohol. If you do not manage to take it before, you can take it after the banquet to reduce the negative impact of alcohol on the body. Regarding the gall bladder - taking Betargyn relaxes the bile ducts and improves the retention of liquids, which improves the function of the gall bladder. The medicine does not have a choleretic effect, however, in case of filling the gallbladder with stones, you should check with the doctor about the possibility of using any medicine. Be well!
Betargyn turned me back to life. I have gastritis, pancreatitis, liver steatosis. I just didn't want to give it up. How long can you take it maximum without harm to health? Olena
It is recommended to take Betargyn in courses of up to 3 months at intervals of several months. Be healthy!
Where and how to keep Betargyn
Hi, can you please tell me whether to keep in the refrigerator or not, the instructions for use is not specified, but my friend said that it is necessary to put in the refrigerator. Thank you. Masha
Good day. According to the instructions, it is recommended to store Betargyn at room temperature not higher than 25°C.
Good afternoon. We were prescribed Betargyn for acetonemic syndrome. To drink it in small portions. Where can I store the ready solution: in the fridge or at room temperature? Margarita
Good afternoon. Can be stored at room temperature.
Good afternoon. If betargyne was kept in the refrigerator, is it required!? Svitlana
Good day! The lower permissible storage temperature of Betargyne is 6-8°C. If the temperature in the refrigerator is not lower than 6°C, it is suitable for use.
Where to buy Betargyn
Please tell me, where in Kiev can I buy Betargyn in sachets? Thank you. Nina
Good day! Betargyn in the new package, 10 ml sachet, will be available in pharmacies in Ukraine in 2015.
Where can I buy Betargyn in Simferopol? Tetyana
Good afternoon! Today, Betargyn is supplied only to pharmacies in Ukraine. In 2014, Betargyn was also registered in Russia and will be available in Russian pharmacies in the near future.
Good day, chronic cholecystitis, I take Betargyn on a regular basis according to the opinion of a good gastroenterologist. Because of the relocation I wonder whether I will be able to buy Betargyn in Poland. I really need it. Hannah
Unfortunately, Betargyn is not yet for sale in Poland. It is in the registration stage. .
Good afternoon. How do I take L-Betargyn while doing sports? And how does L-Betargyn differs from Betargyn? Volodymyr
Good afternoon. It is recommended to take L-Betargyne 1 stick two times a day during sporting activities. L-Betargyn differs from Betargyn in the presence of carnitine that burns fat and promotes energy synthesis.
Good afternoon. If the ampoule is broken, how long can I keep it in the fridge by covering it with absorbent cotton? Is it possible to use them? Oleksandra
Good afternoon. The contents of the opened ampoule are preserved for the rest of the day.
Good afternoon. What is the difference between Betargyn and L-Betargyn? Which is better to buy? Maya
Good afternoon. L-Betargin, apart from arginine and betaine, contains carnitine - a substance that "burns" excess fat. Therefore, Betargyne is recommended for eliminating intoxication and protection of liver cells, and L-Betargyne is recommended for fatty liver disease and presence of metabolism disorders.
Good afternoon! After taking Betargyn for two days I noticed a pink colored urine. What does it mean, whether the drug has an effect on the color of the urine? Steven
Good day! There was no such effect from taking Betargyn, because the components of Betargyn do not affect the sacroiliary system.
Good day. On the second day after taking the sachet (1 sachet a day) I want pee, is it normal? I plan to drink for a month to cleanse the body, for prophylaxis, one or two bags. Victoria
Good day. Betargyne improves microcirculation, including nirkovascular circulation. This may be the reason.
Contraindications for Betargyn
Hi, could you please tell me if there are strong allergic reactions to Betargyne (anaphylactic shock, Kvine's blotch)? Valentina
Good day! No allergic reactions of this kind have been detected in any patient. The sensitivity to the drug components should be taken into account when taking any treatment complex.
Are there any contraindications for cancer patients? Lesya
Good day! The administration of any drug in cancer patients is selected on an individual basis. Even if there are no contraindications to use, only the attending physician should prescribe the drug. Oncologists very often prescribe Betargyn to patients during and after chemotherapy as an antioxidant, for the purpose of rapid detoxification, for renewal of liver functions and protection of the cardiovascular system. We wish you the best of luck!
Good afternoon. Can betargyn cause constipation?
Good day! Betargyn does not have an arresting effect and cannot cause constipation. Constipation can be caused by a number of different factors, starting with food, long stay on the road (in a sitting position), travel (change of climate, water, food), stress and anxiety, etc. Be healthy!
How Does Betargyn Influence Blood Acid Level in Diabetes Syndrome... Increases or Decreases... Vartan
Good afternoon. Betargyn has no direct effect on blood sugar level. But due to normalization of carbohydrate and fat metabolism it can decrease it three times.
Composition and color of Betargyn
What is the color of betargyn? Maria
Good day! Betargyn is a prosoric liquid with a light yellow to rye-brown color, the difference in color can be given by grape concentrate from different varieties of grapes.
How to take Betargyn
Good afternoon, can you tell me how to take Betargyn - before or after eating? I need a gastrointestinal effect. Irina
Good afternoon, if you need to improve the function of the gastrointestinal tract, it is better to take Betargyn with food.
How long can I take Betargyn? Masha
Good day! According to the instructions for Betargyn, the duration of use of the drug is determined by the physician individually.
Do you know whether it is possible to take Betargyn without diluting it with water... or is it necessary? Vladislav
You can not dilute Betargyn in water. But it is necessary to wash down Betargyn with a certain amount of liquid.
Good day! Can you tell me if one dose of this drug is 10 ml and the active ingredients in it are betaquin 1.0 g and arginine 1.0 g. This means that this drug contains 1,000 mg of betaine and 1,000 mg of arginine. Is it correct? Alla
For example, one ampoule of 10 ml of the solution contains 1.0 betaine, which is 1000 mg, and 1.0 arginine - analogously, since 1.0 g = 1000 mg.
Good day, my mother takes medicines for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis. She takes hepatoprotectors on a plant basis on a daily basis... In what dosage and for how long should she take Betargyn to cleanse the liver from medications in our case. Thank you for the recommendation! Natalia
Good day! Betargyn, unlike plant-based hepatoprotectors, has a wider range of action and provides not only hepato- but also cardioprotective and anti-atherogenic effect due to the components arginine and betaine. If there are no serious liver problems, you can take them periodically (as antirheumatic drugs are taken on a regular basis) for 2 days with 2-3 ampoules or one ampoule per day. The treatment can be repeated every 2 months.
Please tell me whether it is possible to take Betargyn in case of type 2 diabetes. Thank you. Oleksandr
So, Betargyn can be taken in case of type 2 diabetes, but in any case, after consultation with a physician.
How long and in what doses should I take the drug in case of malformation of the gastrointestinal sac ( gastric stasis) and hyperbilirubinemia? I am 25 years old. Igor
The doctor determines the duration of the treatment on a case-by-case basis, under the supervision of an ultrasound investigation and biochemical analysis. Be healthy!
Good afternoon. How long after eating is it necessary to take Betargyn? The instructions do not say. And when can I take tretiko? Before or after taking Betargyn? And after what period of time? Stepanida
Good day! Betargyn can be taken immediately after eating, diluted as indicated in the instructions. The last meal is desirable 2 years before going to sleep.
Can you tell me how to take Betargyn? There is no clear explanation in the instructions, how can I drink 100 ml by a teaspoon every 10-15 weeks? It takes a few hours... Yuri
Good day! This should take a few hours The point is that in the first two days, at least, the child constantly receives small doses of the solution, even at night time, so that the metabolism is normalized. When you run out of 100 ml of the solution, take a short break and mix the next ampoule. Be well!
Good day! What method of taking Betargyn will increase its effectiveness, taking it immediately after eating, or after an hour after taking it? Vadim
Good day! In most cases the intake of Betargyn is indicated after eating, in case of gastric stasis and dyskinesia of the gastrointestinal tract - it is better to take it 15-30 minutes before eating.
Is it possible to open for a few years before taking medication? Sonya
Is it possible to open for a few hours before taking medication? Sonya Good afternoon! It is possible to open in a few years, but if the intake is not made immediately, then what is the purpose of opening at a later time? If you make the filling, and then take it not at home, you can use the waste and take them unconsumed, and then just water them down.
Good day! My doctor gave me Betargyn for 5 days. I am breastfeeding (for 3 months). At this time I switched my child to a piece feeding. How many days after taking this medicine can I again breastfeed? Alena
If the last time you took Betargyn was in the evening, you can breastfeed your child in the morning (12 hours break).
Good Morning. Is it possible to dispense Betargyn with compote? Or maybe with tea? Julia
So, Betargyn can be dissolved not only in water but also in compote and tea, juice will also do.
Hi, can I take a tablespoon of Betargyn with water while taking it? Inna
Good afternoon. So, you can take Betargyn with water.
Good afternoon, can I drink warm mineral water and/ or decoction of rosehip in case of gastric stasis during treatment with betargyn? Hannah
Good afternoon. So, it is possible.
Good day. Сan I take Betargyn in a non-diluted form? Tetyana
Good day. If you take Betargyn in a non-diluted form, you should wash it down with water or any other liquid.
Hi, can you please tell me. Will it be okay if I don't dilute the Betargyn but immediately give it all to drink? Natalia
Good day, Natalia! Betargyn can be taken without dilution, it is recommended to dilute it in the liquid for ease of intake.
Can Betargyn be used to replace duodenal probing? Is it possible to get help for atonic gastric bypass with plastids? What is the course of treatment in this case, and how often should it be repeated? Thank you, Olena
Good day! No, it can't. Betargyn doesn't have the pronounced gastrointestinal action that you need in your case. Betargyn promotes loosening of the gastrointestinal canals, regulation of blood flow and easing of gastric flow due to arginine, which is in the formula. Be healthy!
Good afternoon) Please tell me The instructions for adults says to take it after eating, but for children? Is it not terrible to give it without eating? Khristina
It is recommended to take the medicine with food since all diseases of the hepatobiliary system are accompanied by impaired poisoning, and Betargyne contains citrate-ions that improve the process of poisoning. In case of acetonemic syndrome there is no need to connect the taking of Betargyn to food intake since the main action is realized due to arginine and betaine contained in the composition. Be healthy!
Good afternoon! Betargyn has been given to me in case of hypotonic gastrointestinal stasis, my gastrointestinal and pancreatic ducts are in pain all the time. Is it possible to take it? Irina
What else is included in the therapy? Betargyn contributes to improvement of physical and chemical properties of gastric weight, but it does not affect the contraction of the walls of the gastric cavity and gastric ducts, therefore it does not cause painful sensations while taking it.
Hello. Is it possible to drink Betargyn after a day if it has a broken ampoule? Isn't it dangerous? Ivan
Ivan, good day! Thank you for your request! Betargyn saves the activity after opening the ampoule during the day, and Betargyn can be used either in pure form or in the form of a liquid. However, it is necessary to be sure that the ampoule hasn't been opened more than a week. If the integrity of the ampoule is compromised for several days or more, Betargyn loses its efficacy and should not be used.
Good evening! Can Betargyn reduce the level of insulin in the blood? Mariana
Good evening! Betargyn doesn't have a direct action in raising the level of insulin, but due to the components that make up its composition, it can help to increase its synthesis and improve carbohydrate metabolism.
Good day! I take Betargyn 3 times a day, after eating for the third day. The last time I had some importance after taking the drug (there is a feeling in the liver). How can these symptoms be stopped? And how can I take the drug in warm (hot) water? Natalia
Good day! You can reduce the frequency of taking - 2 times a day and pay attention to what drug and food you combine Betargyn with. It is recommended to take Betargyn by mixing the contents of the ampoule/stick in two bottles of water. Can be used in room temperature water, but not in hot water.
Good afternoon. Bilirubin is very high. How long should I take the drug for a good effect? Before this day I took Glutargyn intravenously/ampoule a day with physical fluid, the tests became even worse. Please give a recommendation. Igor
Good afternoon. It is recommended to take 1 tablet/amplule 3 times a day for at least 1 month in case of liver dysfunction.
What is the course of taking Betargyn
How much time should go between the courses of Betargyn therapy? Roman
Good day! This depends on the duration of the treatment course and the disease. In average, after 1 month of treatment there is a break of 1 month and after repeated tests.
What is the duration of drug taking for an adult male to take a course of treatment? Khristina
Good day! If there are no problems with the liver, then for the prophylactic reasons for detoxification, cleansing of the body, in case of frequent alcohol drinking you should take Betargyn for 2 days, 2-3 ampoules a day. If there is liver disease, the duration of use and dose of the drug is determined by the doctor individually.
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