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Meet the future of beeing young
Betargin the power of the aminoacids for recovery life energy
Eliminates toxins from the body by stimulating the detoxification process
Enrich the body with oxygen by improving microcirculation and protect the vessels
Eliminates tiredness and general weakness by stimulating the synthesis of energy
Stimulates the growth of muscle mass or maintains its volume through the synthesis of collagen and protein

Interestingly, the need for arginine increases under conditions of stress, illness, increased physical activity (hard physical work, sports) and with age.
Role of the amino acid ARGININ:

Betargin the power of the aminoacids for recovery life energy
Activates fat metabolism in the liver, thus reducing fatty liver infiltration.
Reduces homocysteine levels, risk of cardiovascular disease and its complications.
Boosts metabolism and promotes weight correction
Supports the electrolyte balance in the epidermis, promotes the retention of water molecules in the cells, protecting the skin from drying out and premature aging.
A vitamin-like substance that belongs to the class of amino acids and is a chemical derivative of the amino acid glycine (trimethylglycine)
Benefits of
European manufacturer
Works on a cellular level
Wide range of forms of release
Recognized high product quality
Oral solution
Good tolerance and pleasant taste
Pharmatis (France) has a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) license
Regulates metabolic and metabolic processes in the body
The range of release forms (ampoules, stacks of 10 ml) provides ease of administration and the possibility of application in different conditions.
Liquid form of release in the form of a drinking solution provides rapid absorption and onset of effect
Dissolve the content of the ampoule/stick/sachet in ½ glass of water and drink
The company's brand received an international award in the Gold category "Quality and customer value", BID-Paris 2015, Nice 2019
Why Choose
Proven safety and efficacy

Many years of experience and a high degree of consumer confidence
Price/performance ratio benefits
Dilute the contents of the stick or ampoule in 100 ml of water (glass) and take after meals 2-3 times a day.
Children from 3 years old with acetonemic syndrome.
2 pills or 2 ampoules per day. Dissolve the contents of the bottle or ampoule in 100 ml of water (½ cup) and give the child 1 teaspoon every 10-15 minutes
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Betargin Release forms:

Handy sticks
Original glass ampoules
Sticks of 10 ml retail of 10 and 20 pieces per pack
Ampoules of 10 ml retail of 10 and 20 pieces per pack

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